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The Suicide Prevention LifeLine from R. Moldova for the seventh year consecutively organizes downtown our capital suicide prevention campaigns dedicated to the World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10.

This year due to the resounding suicide cases that have attracted post-factum our attention to the existed cry for help on social media, which was expressed bu remained unnoticed,   we all must pay attention to the ways we address the signs of the crisis that people around us can show.

The multiple reactions and searches for the guilty ones in our society after the tragedies create a distorted and unhealthy image around the suicide phenomenon and leaves us with the feeling that we can do nothing to prevent tragedies. Still, the distribution of the empathetic, caring prevention messages is much more helpful than sensational and full of stigma news on the tragedy.

September 10 – World Suicide Prevention Day gives us an unique opportunity to be proactive and to show positive and creative solidarity with people facing life crises.

The Take a Break For Life Campaign dedicated to September 10, as well as the creative methods of involvement in it, will be officially announced at the press conference before the event in advance.

Until then, we invite citizens, organizations, companies, institutions in the country to make a decision to take a break for life, and to pass on during that day the emphatic messages created by the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The team that supported over 3,000 people in times of crisis will bring you only those messages that will show understanding, encouragement and emotional support to people who are facing the realities around suicide.

The campaign news can be followed on the Facebook event page (rom. -“Ia o pauză pentru viață”)

All the information about campaign can be found here.

For any discussions about this intentions please contact Liuba Ceban, 060806623

Announcement about ”Take a break for life” Campaign – (O pauză pentru viață)

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